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Re: The Super Mario Maker 2 Thread

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:19 am
by Michi
Dikdikvandik wrote:
Ziggy587 wrote:
Dikdikvandik wrote:My biggest problem with this game is so many people aren't making levels in the spirit of Mario. They're puzzles, they're Super Meat Boy Levels, they're Cell phone speed run games, They're hard for the sake of hard.

I'm just making levels I feel would have been in Mario games in the past. I've made about 5 the one I'm sharing here was the second one I did and it's by far my favorite. Very much in the spirit of an old school Mario level.

Yeah, that was my gripe with the first one, too. No one would star your level if it was "just" a traditional Mario design.

Those are the types of levels I like to make as well. At least we've got this community to share our levels with. I'll edit the first post to add everyone's level codes (which, by the way, are thankfully shorter this time around). I'm just finishing up another game first, then I'm gonna dive right into this.

I've been getting decent feed back. People like that my Levels are hard but not impossible. I did tweak a level based on feedback.

Wish Capcom and Sega would get on this train. I want to make some Mega Man and Sonic levels.

The level you posted was just hard enough to be irritating, but also forgiving enough that if you learned each stage you could make steady progress. Unlike levels from some other people who seem to just like to make them hard for the sake of being hard.

Or people who just like to make massive troll levels....I hate those.

Re: The Super Mario Maker 2 Thread

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 10:51 pm
by Michi
New course:

Ice-See You