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Re: What is the best possible Mario game?

by SpikeSlania Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:31 pm

GSZX1337 wrote:I haven't played a Mario game since Galaxy 2, so maybe what I want has already been done in one of the games I haven't played. I'd love to have a new 2D Super Mario Bros. that innovated the series and maybe take it in a new direction instead of just recycling Super Mario Bros. 3 in higher definition graphics. I enjoyed New Super Mario Bros. for the DS and Wii, but when the Wii U version came out I just didn't bother due to it feeling samey when I tried it out at Best Buy. Or perhaps a Super Mario World equivalent of Sonic Mania.

Some reason that did slip my mind about Mania. Nintendo could keep innovating with 3d Mario while a group of fans under Nintendo's guidance could do a Super Mario World Mania. Now if only Nintendo liked their fans :P
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Re: What is the best possible Mario game?

by chuckster Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:46 pm

On one hand I agree that Super Mario World is the best-made 2D platformer and thus best 2D Mario game. I think 2D Mario is already at the top of the mountain. Super Mario Maker is a great extension of that.

On the other, I think the best Mario game they could make right now is a more focused version of Odyssey with faster, tighter control. I'd love a Mario game that played at the speed of the 3D Ninja Gaiden games with levels blending the focused, handmade feel of the later 3D World stages with the free, open overall level design of Mario 64. I feel like Odyssey is spread too thin and the notable platforming sections are too separated from each other. Also, the general control is a downgrade from 3D World and M64. Tighten up the controls, return to the smaller, more numerous levels with more focus on platforming and precise control, and you'd have the 3D Mario game to rival SMW.
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Re: What is the best possible Mario game?

by Erik_Twice Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:13 pm

Mario is a series that has always shined for its execution. It's THE "standard" platformer so in a sense I don't think it can be improved much without getting nitpicky. I could see the games becoming better if they could freely express themselves a bit more, regardless of difficulty, complexity, orthodoxy or appeal. I bet Miyamoto could make an incredibly Mario game without those restrictions.


My favourite Mario game is 3. I don't think very highly of SMW. It's very bland, very generic. It has great principles but doesn't build anything unique or interesting with them. It's a bit like the average Disney short: Great animation and production values spent on a trite storyline and flat characters. Not a fan.

It's also apparent the game was rushed to release or otherwise unfinished. There are many levels that are practically empty, bosses are repeated, some graphics are in beta state and are incorrectly coloured, etc. For example, Luigi and Mario have the same sprite though this was fixed on the All Stars re-release.
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