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Nintendo 2ds retro potential

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2016 11:35 am
by Capcomwarrior
I hope this post isn't too annoying. I got a nintendo 2ds (yes just now) in hope of using it at least partly for retro gaming. It is firmware 11.-33u. I have been reading a lot but it seems like a hand full and i havent been tuned into any scenes for quite some time. Im hoping someone knowledgeable can help.

What is the best flash cart choice for nds games, homebrew and emulators? (I am not as concerned with 3ds games unless its easily done as well. i would like to retain full functionality to be able to purchase and play 3ds games)

Is there a way to also play snes and other old games that are usually purchased from the store w a flash cart?(besides emu)

Any other recommendations to turn this into a great portable retro machine much appreciated.