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The Nintendo "Badge Arcade" Thread

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:46 pm
by flojocabron

Dont think I've seen a thread for this service(?) But what do you racket-people think about
Nintendo badge arcade?

I'm still on the fence about it. There's nothing wrong with the service really. If you want to waste money go ahead.

Is it a waste of money for you? Or has it been entertaining for you?

I get on it every once in a while, when nintendo gives you free plays. I've picked up a bit already.

have you decorated your menu screen with all of them yet?

I haven't yet. I like my Screens simple and not that cluttered.

Maybe someone here can put up what their screen looks like? And hopefully they didn't spend much on it?

So lets talk here about Nintendo's pink bunny and his quest to shill you out of your money!

Re: The Nintendo "Badge Arcade" Thread

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:51 pm
by flojocabron

I started this thread too so when there's special promos for this, lets post them here!

I got the first one.

For the next few days, Nintendo is giving out free plays!

Until 03/09/16

they're giving you two free plays each day!

Free is good I guess. But maybe this is just a way to get you to play their service more?

But you cant go wrong with free!

Re: The Nintendo "Badge Arcade" Thread

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:01 am
by jmbarnes101
Thanks for the heads up. I only use this when things are free. Not worth spending money on to me.

Re: The Nintendo "Badge Arcade" Thread

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:41 pm
by alienjesus
You guys know you can win free plays by playing the practice machine daily right?

Re: The Nintendo "Badge Arcade" Thread

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:46 pm
by Sarge
At some point, though, they stop giving them out, or the chances of getting one are minimal at best. Honestly, I just recently deleted it, not a particularly useful or efficient use of my gaming time. :(

Re: The Nintendo "Badge Arcade" Thread

Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:59 am
by ejamer
I like having an 8-bit Mario theme going on, and have created a couple of different layouts that I can load to change the appearance of my console. It's not a big deal, but is kind of fun to give the screen some character now and again.

My (young) kids love the badges though, and will spend moderate amounts of time decorating the screen and creating custom arrangements. It's kind of like "Mario Maker Lite" for them.

What we've done is just play the practice machine and take free badges, except for a couple of occasions when they offer a "free" background if you spend $2.50 or something in the game. I'm not a fan of paying for backgrounds... but in this case relented and admit that I'm happy with the result. For about $5 and some time spent daily, I've got all I want from the app.

Also, it's generally easy to get one free play per day on average. Sometimes you get more, sometimes less... but over time that adds up to lots of free badges. Just don't get suckered - some machines make it impossible to get the badges you want with one (or two, or even three) tries. Just move on and accept it; if that's hard for you to do, don't waste your time here or else you'll probably spend some money and regret it later.

Some screenshots:


Re: The Nintendo "Badge Arcade" Thread

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 3:41 pm
by Snatch1414
It's a nice little bonus if you care to indulge. I haven't spent a dime and I probably have 100 badges, and I also took a couple months off from even logging in to it. You get free plays every so often and if you use the practice catcher you'll get one or two at least every other day.

It seems like some people aren't aware of the practice catcher and think that you only get a free pull every few weeks when there's a celebration. That's not the case.

My only real complaint is that it takes literally 1-2 minutes to log in and start messing around. Pretty ridiculous, especially for something so simple. Other than that the mascot politely asks you one single time if you want to spend money and all you have to do is say no. It's really not a big deal.