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Re: NES Game Saver

by Thierry Henry Thu May 14, 2015 11:24 am

Ziggy587 wrote:
Snatch1414 wrote:I will say personally though that it would be great to have something that physically resembles a Game Genie or Fami adapter that has one function: to provide NES save states.

There's something like that for the SNES. I had it some years back but got rid of it. It was pretty much this:

Mine had a label on the front that said "SNES Game Saver +" or something like that. I was not impressed with the quality of it. I used it to play through Super Star Wars, then got rid of it.

Yup. This is the one.


I pretty much echo your thoughts on it. Wasn't exactly too enamored with it either.
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Re: NES Game Saver

by Tanooki Thu May 14, 2015 2:38 pm

My understanding of the Game Saver was that it held like one game at a time only and it also has a flaky battery so hoping something stays there for long probably isn't wise.

It may be true the answer keeps coming back to the Retron 5, but they did have some good thought when they went into designing the perks behind it. Hot saves, save/load states, instant hack/translation patching, screen captures, the usual emulator perks, and unlike the flash carts, it uses your real game. People may not like how they went about some of it, or the price wobble or delays, but it serves a solid purpose of all that and more. More, the big more, being that you can use it to back up/change/edit your save files to a PC, do whatever, then throw that back on a legit cart. That's a valuable service in itself.
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Re: NES Game Saver

by Sarge Mon May 18, 2015 1:02 pm

Another annoying thing with the Game Saver (and the Plus variant) is that it tends to not work with a lot of games as a pass-through, which is what I used it for with Terranigma. Most of the Japanese imports I used wouldn't run correctly. I didn't feel like breaking the tabs on my system, so I took a Game Genie apart and used that instead (I'll probably remove the tabs on that later and use it as my pass-through).

I'm guessing if there were any way to disable the hooks for the device, it would work (i.e. a switch like the Game Genie has), but I really don't know if that's possible.
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