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N64 Passport Ver. 2 users, I need your help!

by Talitor Sun May 10, 2015 4:42 am

So, I got myself a N64 Passport (Ver. 2, as made apparent by the boot screen) and have run into a problem that I believe only Passport ver. 2 users can help with (due to a very different code structure as compared to Passport 3). So, I figured the thing works just by putting your same region (PAL) game into the back, and another region (NTSC, in my case) to the top to get your games working. The game I'm trying to run is Majora's Mask; but I've had no success. It's worth noting that I don't have the memory expansion yet, but the game should STILL boot up just to show you the N64 logo, and the the error about not having the expansion to run the game.

At the boot menu, I saw all these codes for games, and since none of them were games I was going to play, I deleted them based on their names. Little did I know that these codes are apparently the keys to bypassing the CIC lockout for all different lockout chips. So, no matter what I do I can't get Majora's Mask to boot up. I need your help on figuring out the right code, and I need you to link the me the codes for the CIC locks that I accidentally deleted (one of the games was Yoshi's Story, and another one was Diddy Kong racing, I believe). I was able to get a few of the codes back, but they don't seem to help (the whole thing crashes if I don't quickly press something as the Passport boots up to get me to the boot menu, or freezes at the 'Loading game please wait' screen.

I know Passport 2 is a damn rare thing, and this forum was the best course of action I could think of. Here's hoping there's help to be had.
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