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Re: Mother 3: English Repro Cart or the real thing?

by MrPopo Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:26 pm

I have absolutely no fondness for CRTs; 3 years of moving a 19" monitor between my dorm and home cured me of that real fast. The most I ask for is that up-rezzed pixel art uses simple doubling algorithms; no nearest neighbor or smoothing or other such things.
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Re: Mother 3: English Repro Cart or the real thing?

by Hobie-wan Tue Sep 23, 2014 4:47 pm

retrosportsgamer wrote:I would love one of those pads.

There's a Pelican knockoff that obviously isn't as nice as the Hori, but it is similar.
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Re: Mother 3: English Repro Cart or the real thing?

by TheRetromancer Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:22 am

MrPopo wrote:I think I got both for $50, but that was 5 years ago. Save states are not a feature I want since I've stopped emulating; I'll deal with the saves a game gives me. IPS patching is neat, but it does tie you to that particular piece of hardware. And I don't understand the appeal of scan-lines.

Lucky you. I didn't get a GC until well after the crazy component price surge. And I didn't even LEARN about component and RGB until a few years ago.

I can definitely see the appeal of the Hori pad - my ultimate favourite system is the SNES/SFC, and I love the controller.

I had a Retron 5 pre-ordered, but I canceled it due to both the frequent release push-backs, the complete lack of transparency and communication from Hyperkin, the fact that the demo unit I messed with seemed really cheap, and the many, many compatibilities issues upon release. And, although it has cost me a great deal of money, I have yet to regret going the RGB->Mini Framemeister route.

In addition, Everdrives and the SD2SNES are a very convenient (if not exactly CHEAP) way of dealing with easy .IPS patches - not to mention the MSU-1 implementation on the SD2SNES, which alone makes it worth the price. I'm working with a guy on a public Zelda 3 MSU-1 release (since Drakon won't release his stuff without being paid, or at all), and hearing the ZREO version of the 'Cathedral' theme is absolutely bloody BRILLIANT.

As for know, I didn't see the appeal for a while, either. In fact, I was pretty rabid about NOT liking them. I picked up the Mini Framemeister, though, and just for a lark, I turned the scan-lines on. Even now, I couldn't tell you WHY I like them better, just that...they seem like they 'belong'.

If I was to get all deep and introspective, I'd posit that it's because that's how I remember the games - with scanlines. Nostalgia is a huge part of why we do what we do, after all - our memories of better, easier, more innocent times, and games are our time-traveling media of choice.

That, and I find it frickin' hilarious to see scanlines on my HDTV for whatever reason.
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