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Re: Does anyone else feel this way about Bravely Default?...

by Tanooki Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:22 pm

I can't remember the last time I fired this up, but I know I quit playing where you can proceed with the story or take down that optional boss bimbo who sings a bunch of hexes on your party and she drove me nuts trying and not taking her down. I'm finding later in the game you go the more you need certain abilities stacked into another class to do much and I'm finding it a bit of a turn off having to dig that deep just to mix and match to survive. I guess it shows my age with gaming but I prefer set classes maybe with a subset you can optionally play with kind of like FF4 or 6 respectively. I do enjoy the risk vs reward combat system but it has been so so long since I've touched it I can only feel I'd probably have to restart it to play again and I don't have the time. I find the more time goes the shorter RPGs need to be for me to maybe finish them, and those that aren't so convoluted and nitpicky on skill sets either.
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Re: Does anyone else feel this way about Bravely Default?...

by Sarge Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:29 pm

Honestly, the game is like an updated version of FFV. Light on story, heavy on gameplay. The tale is alright, and gets a bit better, but it's not anything special.

The only egregious thing is the amount of asset re-use in the second half, but you can skip most of the re-fights, anyway, and grinding up is so absurdly easy that it actually makes it fun. I mean, when you're mastering jobs left and right, it's pretty darn cool. The strategic options abound.

I certainly hope the second game addresses some of the concerns with the first. Keeping that fast-forward for the battles is of utmost importance, though!
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