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Re: Does a true wireless Wii (not U) Classic Controller exis

by samsonlonghair Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:02 pm

harper wrote:Those are really...aesthetically interesting. I almost want to get one just to try it. But I've read it only works on the Wiiu?

Also I would like even prefer a controller that has a dongle to plug into the wii remote over a wired controller. Like, there's nothing out there apparently that you can navigate through the menus with and use on certain games, but I don't have a problem with still having to use the wii remote. It's just awkward figuring out what to do with the wii remote while I'm using the classic controller. It's Kind of awkward having to put it in my lap. Even a longer cord would alleviate that problem.

From an electronic standpoint, they're basically a wii remote+ and a classic controller in one. It should work on Wii just like any other third party wii remote.

Reviews indicate poor build quality.
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