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by Pullmyfinger Tue Jul 03, 2007 11:33 am

fastbilly1 wrote:Pullmyfinger I thought the same way for some time. Until I realized that it was far easier for me just to move around the wii and some cube controllers than my 64, TG16, and the Wii (or a shuttle pc with controller adaptors). Are we getting ripped off? Probably, but it is worth the $20 something dollars to me for ease of transport and simplicity.

Though I really do wish they had added in kalleria.

You are right about the portability, but I like the original controllers too, playing anything with the GC's D-pad is a pain for me. Besides, I already have a pretty big collection (120+ NES Games, 40+ SNES Games and 60+ Genesis games). Perhaps I'd buy some of the very good Neo Geo stuff, but most of it has already been released on Saturn and PS2.

Besides, I still feel awkward about buying those kinds of things, I'd still buy a CD rather than pay for an iTunes download or get a DVD rather than pay to watch it on a 360. Maybe I'm old fashioned.
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by fastbilly1 Tue Jul 03, 2007 7:22 pm

I hear you on the controller pains. Its the main reason I dont own a 2d game on the VC that I cant use the wiimote for. You would like one of my projects I am working on though. It is supposedly possible to hack thirdparty gamecube controllers and use them as interfaces for arcade controls. So I am going to attempt to hack one and kitbox it for my hotswapable arcade controls.

If it works, I am confident I can play around with it enough to get the right layout for neogeo games once they hit the virtual console. A Samurai Shodown II cab that is just the control panel would be a beautiful thing.

Ofcourse I cannot start this project until after I adjust my friends Sega GT cab's monitors and I have to do the wood work for my competition cab, ie what the controls will be interfacing with. My vs cab is currently waiting for paint and new controls (which reminds me I need to email rolly).
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by baphomet_irl Wed Jul 04, 2007 3:19 pm

The Classic Controller is pretty good IMO, also HORI will be releasing this bad boy soon:


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by Ender Wed Jul 04, 2007 4:00 pm

I'm getting one of those sticks xD
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by kinn Wed Jul 04, 2007 5:55 pm

That stick does indeed look very nice!
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by fastbilly1 Wed Jul 04, 2007 10:52 pm

The stick looks awesome, but I fear it will have the plunger style buttons. Which work for the masses but they irk me pretty badly after using arcade component fighting sticks for a couple years. I also hope it uses the gamecube port instead of the wii controller port. Why? Well then we can use it for Ikaruga, Soul Calibur 2, Viewtiful Joe, Alien Hominid, Capcom vs Snk 2, well you get the idea.
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