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Which is the Best Way to play NES games....

by mjmjr25 Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:46 pm

By best way, I don't necessarily mean, the "truest gamer" way, what I want is...
(1) Most reliable (won't blue screen on me in the middle of a game)
(2) Best Graphics
(3) Best Sound

I had a retro duo, and it was ok, but had 3 major flaws. The AC adapter wire was about as thick as single hair and simply would not last, and you have to use that specific adapter of the system fries. The controllers have very short cords. And the sound of most NES games was just off, though the SNES seemed pretty close to accurate.

I then got a toaster and installed a new 72 pin (and no, that did not solve my blue screening, made it better sure, but you still have problems, and by the time I stretched the pin out to where I could play all games, it is then stretched out too much and you're blue screening and reinserting all the time again).

The obvious choice was NES 2 top loader. However, after researching more, I am troubled by the RF only. From some other threads I understand the graphics and sound are actually not as good as the toaster, however it loads and stays loaded at a much better rate. Also, i've heard it has a bright white line every 8th line (so 2 of them) which are very noticeable on bigger tv's.

So my options to get the optimum performance from what I see are:
(1) Get an AV Famicom and use a 60-72 pin adapter
(2) Buy a generic NES only top loader like FC Twin? I've only tried the retro, not the the AC adapter universal, are the controllers playable, is the sound close to original?
(3) Get a Top Loader and mod it to AV out and hope the stories about the white lines are exaggerated.
(4) Mod a toaster into a top loader by playing it upright on a modded base attached to the backend (raised up enough to all access to AV and AC inputs, and wide enough so it doesn't wobble as you insert games).

If anyone has extensive knowledge (or better alternatives) to all or any of these problems, please reply???
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Re: Which is the Best Way to play NES games....

by J T Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:53 pm

The best way to play the NES is sitting on the floor with your Zapper touching the screen while you yell at the Duck Hunt dog from the top of your lungs "STOP ****ING LAUGHING!"
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Re: Which is the Best Way to play NES games....

by fuctfuct Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:55 pm

Go on a life long journey to find a us top loader with the factory AV outs?

Spend and ass load of cash on a NIB unused toaster?

hehe iduno
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Re: Which is the Best Way to play NES games....

by dgamemuster Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:03 pm

go find a time machine and go back to 1985. :mrgreen:
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Re: Which is the Best Way to play NES games....

by Lazer Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:19 pm

Best way is on a Wii through component cables. Best graphics, best sound, no white lines, no blue screens. For what you are asking, this is the best. Obviously can't play all games, and your NES library is useless.
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Re: Which is the Best Way to play NES games....

by fuctfuct Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:40 pm

HTPC + Nestopia + Retro USB Controller?
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Re: Which is the Best Way to play NES games....

by DonSilvestre Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:51 pm

I'm a stickler about authenticity and playing a game the way it was meant to be played. I have a collection of over 250 NES games, and over 150 SNES games. I was one of those snobs that refused to emulate.

Then I bought an HD TV and started dealing with input lag and crappy looking quality and got really annoyed. My Wii had been sitting idle for over a year - so I decided to hack the mofo and install the homebrew channel + all the roms of the games I owned.

I haven't even come close to regretting it for a second. NES games are PERFECT and SNES is close. The classic controller is not as good as the normal SNES controller - but the games look great, never freeze, and have save states as well. The tradeoff is well worth it. In the meantime I continue to collect carts, and add roms to my wii as I locate games.

As a sidenote though - odds are that even with a new 72 pin connector, if your games aren't working it's likely that the games themselves are too dirty. Even on an NES that is old as all get out and has been played to death, cleaning your games using a washcloth + rubbing alcohol wrapped around a drivers license will do WONDERS for your NES games. Won't always make things run perfectly - but with a new connector and a clean game I'd be shocked if you need more than two or three tries to get stuff running well in a toaster NES.
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Re: Which is the Best Way to play NES games....

by mustardseed Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:06 pm

I'm hoping to get a AV modded Toploader someday. Next best thing is to get a 72pin replacement and CLEAN your games. It's no use replacing it if you just get it dirty again with your dirty carts.

In the mean time I use my wii with the homebrew channel. You can now order adapters to use NES & SNES controllers as classic controllers so you can even be mostly wireless. - my blog & video portfolio
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Re: Which is the Best Way to play NES games....

by 17daysolderthannes2 Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:16 pm

Nestopia+composite video out of your PC+USB NES pad (or my preference: USB Sega Saturn pad)+complete ROM set=done

or, for the maximum of cheap routes, you could get a Dreamcast with a controller, hookups, and VMU from eBay for ~$25 shipped and burn a disc of Nester DC 6. Not a bad way to go for the price.
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Re: Which is the Best Way to play NES games....

by corn619 Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:09 pm

If your looking for the best way to play your carts, look no further than the FC Mobile II. It comes with 2 wireless controllers, wireless zapper, a portable unit that can be hooked up to a TV via composite. It can be plugged into the wall or run on batteries. I have one and is hands down the best way to play your carts with no issues. Heres a pic if your interested. ... _white.jpg

The other option is emulation if it does'nt conflict with your morals or values. Playing Super Mario 3, Castlevania III, Metal Storm and other timeless classics on a HDTV with graphic filters on using USB classic controllers is awesome. The filters give the game a super crispy and colorful picture that breathes new life into a old game.

Not to mention being able to play in full english all the japanese and unreleased games that never made it to our shores. I still use my FC Mobile II due to its awesomeness and portability, but theres no denying how sweet old games look on emulators these days. Some people like the look of pixelated, muted colors of original consoles I don't though. If a game has the potential to look more crisp and colorful and played with a much smaller chance of hardware failure or losing saves, why not take advantage of it?
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