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CD64 Plus dvd-r Issue help

by dicipleofchrist81 Fri Dec 29, 2006 3:18 pm

Hi i have an cd64 plus copybox and i installed the hitachi dvd-rom drive in it and it works fine and loads cd-r with roms burnt on it and is fully compatible.
but i burnt a dvd+r with a bunch of roms to see if it loads games, but sadly it does not.

Then i came accross this forum:

View Full Version : possible or not........a dvd-rom drive in a v64/cd64
Tue 2 Apr 2002, 05:46
I already know that if I were to mount a dvdrom drive in a v64 that it would at least be able to read normal cd's, but I wanna know if it would be able to read dvd's.

I'm not really looking for speculation, but actual facts.
Tue 2 Apr 2002, 06:40
my dvd drive reads dvdr on my cd64 but requires a seperate power source, as all dvd drives will, because they use a TON of power. Basically any dvd drive that has built in dos mode support will work, although I would guess some wouldnt. Heres what you do:

1. find someone with a dvd-r drive
2. burn a dvd-r rom cd
3. start testing drives until one works!
Wed 3 Apr 2002, 02:08
i was thinking if would be possible make a new or midify the existing bios of v64/cd64 to act like a dvd player, using a dvd drive.
Wed 3 Apr 2002, 05:59
buy a dvd player if your gonna do that. dvd-r is possible but dvd playback would be more trouble than its worth both in time and money (assuming it is somehow possible)
Thu 4 Apr 2002, 02:40
>> midify the existing bios of v64/cd64 to act like a dvd player

What's going to do the MPEG2 decoding? The N64's CPU?

This is not likely to ever happen. If you want a DVD player, there are players at Walmart selling for under $60 now.
Fri 5 Apr 2002, 02:25
yes it's cheaper buy one dvd player that mutate cd64 in a dvd player and after all remember it needs big amounts of memory & processor to do the work =P the only thing i can think could work fine it's the dvd player as reading method but i guess someone will have to modify bios to support it i heard that has more bytes & sector stuff or something like that so they must fit with bios data to run well i guess =/ so we need an experienced bios programmer to know if possible load roms from a dvd-rom-rw to cd64 dram =/? i believe that every problem has it solution.

i hope someone can help me or the team that made the bios could make a dvd compatible bios for the cd64 plus.

i hope this topic is interesting enough to solve and i think it could be done.

Thx and God bless and almost HAPPY NEW YEAR

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