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Re: S-Video Convertor/Connections?

by CRTGAMER Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:58 pm

nightrnr wrote:Forgot to mention that I ran into a powered video switcher (at a thrift store) that seems to convert signals across AV, S-Video, and Component: ... t+switcher
I have not tried it much yet, but I wonder if it has much lag? I'm sure it doesn't line-double or anything, so it's use on an LCD would be limited. Mostly just a neat option for my component CRT's.

The lag would not be the switchbox or the consoles, but the LCD upscale affect.

I use a switchbox for spitting off composite and component on my 480i Sony CRT bedroom TV. In the front room I use a multiutude of switch boxes to augment the different inputs of my HD CRT WEGA. The swichboxes do NOT scale different signals just send whatever resolution comes from each console.

Of course of a composite going input, the output has to go to composite and not the component jacks of the TV. In the case of a shared input such as your LCD, it either auto detects which signal composite or component or the input on the TV has to be selected.
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