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Re: Genesis Model 2 Controller Port Issues

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:38 pm
by pierrot
racketboy wrote:[...]and the XYZ set doesn't function in NBA Jam.

From what I've read about how the Genesis handles controller polling, the 6-button controller makes a decision on whether to act as a 6-button controller, or a 3-button controller based on the frequency of switches between a logical zero and one on the control line to the mux. Theoretically, if the control signals were actually ringing enough to change the logic level on that input, the 6-button pad could potentially try to report a button press on XYZ, while the game would interpret it as some other 3-button pad input. I'm still not sure I find this to be the most likely scenario, though. TTL has a modest amount of noise immunity with built in hysteresis, and the Genesis controller cables aren't very long--.