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Best OSX Software for Burning BIN/CUE, ISO/MP3,etc (in 2017)

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:33 pm
by racketboy
So I'm pretty much Mac only now. (crazy to think compared to me 7 to 10 years ago)
I'm in the middle of getting back into emulation (OpenEmu seems wonderful) and I'm reorganizing the files for me CD-Based games.

Now in 2017, software is much different and I'm also on a different platform.

What's the best OS X software for converting files and/or burning them?
Thinking about
other Dreamcast formats I'm forgetting

Free is cool, but I'm willing to pay a nominal fee if it's worth it

What's the best formats for different systems to standardize my files in while I'm at it (converting)


Re: Best OSX Software for Burning BIN/CUE, ISO/MP3,etc (in 2

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:08 pm
by Ziggy587
I can't help you with software since I'm not a Mac guy. I can only say that ImgBurn is still the best free option, and that it works with Windows and Linux (via WINE) if you care to dual boot your Mac with either of those OSes.

As far as what image format to use for what system, in general you'll want to use BIN/CUE for CDs and ISO for DVDs. You want to avoid using ISO for CD, as that results in the yucky ISO+WAV (or ISO+mp3). There are plenty of special cases though. For example...

PS1 - There's a variety of copy protections here. It's best to use the CCD image format since CloneCD can get around the PS1's copy protections (as well as older CD copy protections for the PC). CCD is the standard for archiving PS1 games. The downside is there's no Mac version. Not all PS1 games have the same type of copy protection. There's a type of copy protection that you could rip to BIN/CUE, but only discover there's a problem at some point in the game. It's just safest to use CCD.

GCN / Wii - Funky DVDs. You can rip them with a computer, but you'll need a special drive and special software. It's much easier to just use a soft modded Wii with an app called CleanRip.

TurboGrafx CD - Some claim it's better to use ISO (which will result in the ISO plus a bunch of WAV files) because of how the tracks are laid out, but I can't understand why BIN/CUE still wouldn't be better.

Dreamcast - Short answer: It's probably easier if you just download them. Slightly longer answer: It's not easy to rip DC discs. There's a few different methods out there, but none of them are particularly easy. I would suggest to Google it to see what you're in for.

If you list out what consoles you're planning on backing up discs for, we can give you recommendations for each specific one.

edit: I would suggest reading through the burning guide. It was written specifically for ImgBurn but it covers a lot of what you're asking. Outside of software, I mean. Also, be sure to check out the first two post in the associated forum thread, there's some tips in there as well.