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Sony PVM-1342Q Color Problem

by drybones99 Fri May 12, 2017 6:29 pm

I recently purchased a Sony PVM-1342Q, which was untested, for about $75. I have been unable to test the RGB inputs, only the Composite and S-Video inputs. When testing those two inputs, the colors seem to be way off. Reds and Blues seem to render fine, but light green seems to not render at all, and things that are supposed to be white are instead purplish. Yellows seem to be purple as well. In fact, the entire screen seems to have a purple hue over it. I have tried adjusting "phase" and "chroma" as well as the "gain" and "bias" pots for Red Green and Blue, but this only makes subtle color changes. I also tried turning on "Blue Only" mode, which essentially just makes the image black and white, but even that image has a purple tinge to it, as shown in one of the photos. Does anyone here have suggestions for a possible solution?


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