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Sony Trinitron Progressive Scan Issues

by A315425 Thu Feb 16, 2017 6:44 pm


Thank you for taking the time to read my plight. I have been struggling with this for the past 6 hours and after delving into the web over countless convergence, overscan and test grid scenarios I have yet to find a solution. It seems my Sony Trinitron KV-27FV310 has developed progressive scan issues and has become out of sync. I have attempted to run my Nintendo Gamecube into progressive scan mode on both the CRT and a current high defintion TV. The latter works while the CRT shows a garbled mess.

Heres before I enable progressive scan:

Heres after:

Any insight on what needs to be adjusted in the service menu? Or a possible other fix? This is simply driving me crazy!
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Re: Sony Trinitron Progressive Scan Issues

by emwearz Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:16 pm

The component input on that tv is 480i only, not 480P (Progressive Scan), it is not "out of sync" it does not have the ability to display at that resolution.

Manual for your TV.
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Re: Sony Trinitron Progressive Scan Issues

by Sarge Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:23 pm

Yeah, that looks exactly like my Trinitron, I don't think it accepts 480p despite having component input jacks. Although it sounds like you're implying you used to run it on this TV? If that's the case, I should try it out on mine, although on a CRT like that, it probably would only accept the signal and drop it back to 480i. (I don't even know if any CRTs did that back in the day, just spit-balling.)
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Re: Sony Trinitron Progressive Scan Issues

by CRTGAMER Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:48 pm

Nice TV, I have an HD CRT Sony WEGA of that same Trinitron series. You need component cables to obtain 480p, and also need a 480p/1080i CRT. Confirm on the two replies above, most CRTs of the era that have a component input and not a DVI or HDMI input usually indicates a 480i tube. Hooking up the component cables still a good option for video separation; back then it was called a color stream connection. The good news is retro consoles such as Dreamcast lightgun games (use SVideo for cleaner chroma luma separation) perfect for this TV.

Of note there is a factory defect on the power detection chips for the last generation Sony Trinitrons flat tube CRTs. An inexpensive though meticulous solder fix. As a precaution, recommend turn the TV on only once a day and do NOT use the remote to power off or on. One tap only on the power button on the TV itself, the power surge of accidental double click signal from the remote will kill the chips.

As mentioned, the repair is tricky and you should not do it unless your TV fails. Many have gone for decades just fine, a random fluke.

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