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System/Controller repair & Modchip services?

by HungryGarou Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:22 pm

Been a long time since I've posted here...
Anyway I've got a dilemma-
I bought a SNES system from a thrift store yesterday that came with an official power brick and nothing else. I picked up a game and some generic AV cables so I can test it. It powered on but I got no signal. Wasn't sure what the problem is, if I need to clean the contacts or there's possibly some internal damage I don't see.

Also I've got a PS2 that I want to have a modchip installed, the Modbo 4.0. I have absolutely zero soldering or modchip installation experience and wondered if there were any reputable users here who I can hire to have that done on top of repairing my SNES.

And lastly, i've got aDS4 that was slightly damaged by rusty water from my job when a pipe had burst. The pad seems to mostly work fine except for one of the analog triggers. When I plug it in my PC and test it with DS4Windows, the left trigger spazes out. Can that be repaired?
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Re: System/Controller repair & Modchip services?

by Ziggy587 Fri Jul 01, 2016 4:50 pm

For the SNES, mostly likely you just need to clean the cart slot and game carts. If you need to know the best way to accomplish this, just ask.

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