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(Genesis) Tengen PCB board work on Grind Stormer

by Tanooki Thu Nov 19, 2015 5:56 pm

I bumped into a supposedly broken (hope it's just dirty but I really doubt it) Grind Stormer really cheap earlier this week and should be here this weekend. I'll need to fix it and I'm prepared as a compatible board I picked up today resides in a Chakan cart (still hate this game, was trying it again earlier and still really hate it.)

The problem is people talk about it, they write some vague things about it, and someone did a so-called repair on youtube which showing NOTHING of the repair or even the desoldering of the donor PCB.

What all at a minimum do I need and are there any good steps/rules to follow down a list of what to do (or not to do) so I don't screw it up?

All I have is a basic $30 soldering iron kit from Radio Shack which I've done batteries on game carts and pinball part soldering on so far so I'm no pro. If this is a disaster in waiting, is anyone here willing to do it for a fee?
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