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Re: neo geo cdz copy protection

by arcadifvid Thu Nov 05, 2015 7:30 am

and how many months later i finally have some original cds, but looks like the cdz is really screwed up. i was able to play samsho3 for around 30 mins. called it a day. but by the next day, none of the my games work. not even the samsho3 which worked for awhile. i have 6 games, all look clean and minimal scratches. im usually stuck at the cd player screen. i get this yellow text box message. then nothing. games wont load. sometimes the audio would load. and with some 1 out of 10 luck, the game would load but immediately get a disk io error. already tried cleaning the lens, but didnt help. not expecting any but, is there still hope?

.. and i just got an rgb cable for it too... what a waste....
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Re: neo geo cdz copy protection

by s8n Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:45 am

hi arcadifvid , you can do a hard mod to your CDZ that forces it to whatever region you want.

its very simple to do google it , also if you do this you can then read the text your getting in the yellow box so you can maybe diagnose the problem your CDZ is having.
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