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Re: Racketboy '16 Charity Auction All Done - Check your PM's

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:22 am
by Anapan
Glad to hear it arrived safely, and once again apologies on the silence.

This topic can be unpinned - everything is wrapped up finally.

I was unable to return home for quite a while due to work I took on in January, and when I got back my basement had flooded as well as those of a bunch of other friends and family in the area. It was unfortunate that it took me so long to finalize the xbox, but I didn't expect the replacement hard drive to fail at the last minute just as I was unexpectedly called to go out of town for a job.

Apologies to everyone for my long absence. I'm back for quite a while due to an operation on the 31st that will make my right hand mostly unuseable. I'll be more active shortly as I wrap up the last of a long list of unfinished stuff I neglected.

I miss this community, and I'm excited to see that Racketboy himself is back. I hope I can help out during the revamp of the site.