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by dsheinem Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:14 pm



Below you will find a list of items to bid on, all of which were donated by members of the site.

The recipient of this year's auction is The Able Gamers

Additional donations can be made here.

THE AUCTION ENDS AT 11:59pm EST on Monday, January 5th.

Bidding on each item starts at the prices listed and any and all subsequent bids must be at least $1 higher. All bids must be placed in the thread, and edited posts will not count. What you bid is what you are willing to pay. Bid retractions are NOT allowed.

Pictures and descriptions for most items are posted. Other pictures and information may be available upon request - please PM me or post in the thread if you need something!

Thanks to donations, all shipping will be free within the USA. International buyers should expect to pay some additional shipping charges.Invoices will be sent via PM at auction end. Full details of the auction are listed at the bottom of this post.

Rolling End:
If a bid is timestamped between 11:55pm-11:59pm EST on the night of January 5th, there will be a "rolling ending" on that item. Basically every bid during this time frame opens up a new "5 minute window" for bidding to continue. This should cut down on sniping and raise the totals :)

For example:
If someone bids $125 on item #1 at 11:58pm, that item is still able to be bid on until 12:03am. If someone then bids $127 on #1 at 12:03am, then the new ending time for that item will be 12:08pm and so on…

The highest bids will be updated in this post as often as possible and especially frequently closer to the auction’s end…but be sure to check recent posts before bidding!


Item #. Item Name - Current high bidder - Current bid

Systems and Hardware

1. BenQ MP610 DLP Projector (Complete with Case, Remote and Cables) - mjmjr - $110
Amazon Link

2. Sony Playstation - MrHealthy - $25
Comes with 2 controllers and a power cable. No video cable.
Tested and seems to be working wonderfully.

3. Nintendo NES console - TEKTORO - $20
Missing all outer case screws, and the case is a little dinged up (given to me like that).
The few games I just tried on it worked fine - I'm told that this "Intellivision" hasn't been turned on since around 1992. Includes one controller, video cables, and power adapter. I'll throw in a SMB1 cartridge if the winner wants. ... stem_1.jpg ... stem_2.jpg

4. Atari 2600 System and Games Lot - MrHealthy -$55
w/ 2 Wico Bat-style joysticks, switchbox eliminator, and at LEAST 5 CIB games (picture forthcoming)

5. HORI Mini Arcade controller for PS1&2 - aaron - $20
Bottom label reads: Compact Joystick MEISIA (SLPH 00107) Model NO.HPS-47 ... Arcade.jpg

6. Retro Duo Portable 2.0 - coolthxmcdoom- $28
Includes Retro Port (NES Games), Super Retro Advance (GBA Games), extra battery, and two 2 player controller adapters as well as all the regular cables etc. It smells like burnt electronics - like pretty strongly - sorta like an AC-DC adapter that's gotten too hot. It has smelled like that since it was brand new, sealed in plastic. I didn't use it much, but I played Kirby Super Star on it for several hours and it worked perfectly. ... ble_01.jpg ... ble_02.jpg

7. Gameboy Color - MrHealthy -$35
Replacement clear case already on it, good shape, include Gameshark pro v3.0, Dexterity, and Alleyway ... r.JPG?dl=0

8. Ipod Touch 8GB 2G - dsheinem -$36
Nothing wrong with this, in good functional condition. It is substantially scratched on back, but always had screen protector so that's in good shape. Includes a Mofi Juicepack case in red for extra battery life. ... 9.JPG?dl=0 ... 9.JPG?dl=0 ... 9.JPG?dl=0 ... 9.JPG?dl=0

9. PDA Lot - dsheinem - $20
Clie PEG-T415, Clie PEG-NX73V U, Sharp HC-4500 Color, HP Jornada 720 (without power adapter). All of them worked great and still held a charge the last time I tried them (about a year ago?). I had JLime installed on the Jornada. ... 4/PDAs.jpg

10. Supercard DSTwo - CIB - MrHealthy - $40
This flash card works on all versions of DS and includes an on board cpu to help play GBA games among other things as a one slot solution. Box needs a little TLC, seams are unglued. I'm including an 8Gb microSD as well. ... d.JPG?dl=0

11. Playstation SF Control Pad -Akuma -TSTR - $24 ... _Akuma.jpg

12. GameKlip Universal Case Mount - dsheinem - $6
NIB - Clip a PS3 controller onto your smartphone. ... versal.jpg

13. Monster Brain - GBM/GBC Pokemon cheats - Anapan -$13
It can also colorize any Game Boy Mono or Color game and do savegame backup/restore. More info: ... rain_1.jpg ... rain_2.jpg

14. NakiTEK Game Saver + - TEKTORO - $5
Hardware save-state for SNES games. Untested, but it looks like it's brand new. More info: ... esaver.jpg


15. Pier Solar Reprint Edition - CFFJR - $130
I had fun with this one - decided to re-donate it this year. ... eprint.jpg

16. Sega Genesis CIB Lot - MrHealthy - $40
Thunder Force II, Super Thunder Blade, After Burner II, Last Battle, Shove It!, Pat Riley Basketball, NFL ’94, World Championship Soccer, Sports Talk Baseball, Evander Holyfield Boxing, NHLPA Hockey ’93, Madden ’92, Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf ... ea9add.jpg ... 7d4b85.jpg ... dc94ab.jpg

17. Class of Heroes 2 (PSP) - 8bit - $45
Game is sealed and comes with a certificate of authenticity and a download code for a digital copy. Less then 3000 english copies exist.[/img

18. World Heroes Lot (Neo Geo MVS) - cha cha - $75
World Heroes(w/box and dip sheet), World Heroes 2 Jet (w/box, art sheet, move strip, mini, and dip sheet - matching serials), World Heroes 2 (mini, art sheet, move strip, box w/matching serials)

19. Donkey Kong II Game & Watch (CIB) - MrHealthy - $60 ... e451f6.jpg ... b3d511.jpg

20. 3DS Lot - mjmjr25 - $52
Code of Princess, Cave Story 3D, Ridge Racer 3D. All like new. ... DS_Lot.jpg

21. Bejeweled 3 (NDS, sealed) CFFJR - $8

22. GBA Lot - Fragems - $15
Pokemon Fire Red, and Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom (loose, good shape)

23. Gameboy lot with Space Invaders Keychain - MrHealthy - $20
Final Fantasy Legend II (yellowed plastic), Aretha (J), Aretha II (J) - All loose cartridges. Space Invaders keychain is basically Whack-a-mole. The power switch allows authentic arcade sounds, or silence. ... ychain.jpg ... S3_Lot.jpg

24. Skylanders Starter Pack (Wii) - dsheinem - $28
Includes complete minty game, dock, and 3 figures. No retail box for the pack, but the game is CIB. Also includes an additional 3 pack set, and 2 extra characters as pictured (on top of original starter pack). ... 9.JPG?dl=0

25. Wii Snow, Sand, and Bugs Pack - seven0sevin - $15
Includes Prince of Persia the Forgotten Sands (sealed), Centipede Infestation (Sealed), and Shaun White Snowboarding World Stage (Sealed).

26. Gamecube and Bonuses Bundle - aaron-$50
Everything used with wear but is all been tested and appear to be working.
Games: Super Smash Bros Melee (Game Only, Heavily scratched), Resident Evil, Resident Evil 4 (Disc Only, Heavy Scratches, Marker on Disc), Intellivision Lives! (No Manual), Geist, The Sims 2 Pets, Madden 2004 (Disc Only, Heavy Scratches), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Players Choice, No Manual, Heavy Scratches), Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance (Players Choice, Heavy Scratches), Super Bubble Pop, Need for Speed Underground (Players Choice), Sphinx And the Cursed Mummy (No Manual), Medal of Honor Frontline, Sponge Bob Squarepants The Movie (No Manual, Heavily Scratched), True Crime Streets of LA (Players Choice), X-men The Official Game,
Rainbow Six 3 (no manual)— lot also includes a bonus Wii Super Mario Galaxy and a Nintendo Gameboy/Tetris in working but rough condition!!

27. Animal Crossing (Gamecube - GH/CB) - TEKTORO - $7

28. NES Game Lot - MrHealthy - $27
Dragon Warrior, Willow, Zelda II. Batteries are working fine in DW&Z2. ... ES_Lot.jpg

29. Mega Man 3 (NES - Cart Only) - mjmjr25- $16

30. Xbox 360 Shmup Shooting Mechs Pack - Hobie-wan - $30
Includes Otomedius Excellent (Sealed), Zone of the Enders HD Collection (Sealed), and Rainbow Six Vegas.

31. XBOX 360 Lot - TEKTORO - $15
The Last Remnant, Dreamcast collection, Batman Arkham City GOTY, Max Payne Platinum hits (original xbox game). Discs are in decent shape. ... 60_Lot.jpg

32. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (XBOX - CIB) - CFFJR - $10

33. Xbox "Damaged Insert" Lot - TEKTORO - $20
Conker: Live & Reloaded (CIB; Damaged Insert); Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (CIB; Damaged Insert)

34. Puzzle Game Lot (Saturn, JPN) - Nemoide - $20
Puyo Puyo 2, Puyo Puyo Sun, one mystery item

35. Street Fighter 3rd Strike (DC-J - CIB) - coolthxmcdoom - $12

36. Private Justice Academy: Legion of Heroes (Rival Schools: United by Fate) (PS1, JPN) (complete with obi) - cha cha - $10

37. Parodius Deluxe Pack The Best (PS1, JPN) (Complete with Obi) - foxhound1022 - $15

38. PS2 Racing, Rocking and Fighting Pack - MrHealthy - $6
Includes Guitar Hero 2, Midnight Club 2, and Rocky.

39. Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (PS2) *SEALED*- TEKTORO - $8

40. Ratchet & Clank - (PS2, PAL, Plat Hits) - $2

41. PS2 Dozen Game Lot - MrHealthy - $50
All games are CIB and black label unless noted - Final Fantasy XII, God of War (greatest hits), Jak and Daxter (no manual, reprinted cover), Jak II, Jak 3 (no manual), Quake III, Ratchet and Clank (greatest hits), Ratchet and Clank Going Commando, Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal, Star Ocean Till the End of Time, Xenosaga Episode I. ... 2f8c33.jpg

42. PS3 Lot #1 - MrHealthy - $25
Assassin's Creed III (CIB; GOOD); FarCry 2 (CIB; GOOD); FarCry 3 (CIB; GOOD); XCOM Enemy Unknown (CIB; EXCELLENT)

43. PS3 Lot #2 - aaron - $25
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Dishonored, Ni No Kuni, Watchdogs (without original case)

44. PS3 and Game DVD Bundle - jp1 - $20
PS3 games - Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, Lair (Missing Manual), God of War Collection
DVDs - Assassin's Creed Lineage, Doom Unrated Extended Edition, Resident Evil Degeneration

45. Homefront (PS3) - jp1 - $5

46. Hyperdimension Neptunia (PS3) - Anapan- $23
The case is a tad cloudy, but other than that it is complete and in good condition. ... fa92ff.jpg

47. Myst 3 Exile (PC) - MrHealthy - $5

48. PC Shoot Bang Pack SpaceBooger - $6
Includes Dark Void (sealed), Frontlines Fuels of War (Sealed), and Kane and Lynch Dead Men.

49. PC Action Stealth Pack - $4
Includes Prince of Persia the Forgotten Sands (sealed), and Velvet Assassin.

50. PC Tom Clancy Pack - $4
Includes Tom Clancy’s Endwar, and Hawx.

51. PC Misc. Pack #1 - $4
Includes The Settlers 7 (sealed), and Tom Clancys Hawx (sealed). Not an error here. I have 2 copies of Hawx in the pile.

52. PC Misc. Pack #2 - noiseredux - $4
Includes The Settlers 7, Shawn White Snowboarding, and Sacred 2 (sealed). I also have 2 copies of The Settlers 7.

53. Flying and Shooting Bundle - Starfox 64 (N64) and Afterburner (Sega Master System) - darsparx - $20
Starfox 64 is cart only, but will include a Universal Game Case with a printed cover. To be clear, there not be a rumble pak included, despite the cover art. Afterburner is CIB. One of the clips that holds the cartridge is broken, so the cart slides up and down, but otherwise it is in great shape. ... e3fa03.jpg

Other Stuff

54. The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy (3 Book Slipcased Edition) sevin0seven - $20

55. Kurokami The Animation Volume 3 Blu-ray - jmbarnes101 - $3
Volume 3 is episodes 9 through 12. Sealed.

56. Blu-Ray Lot - MrHealthy - $12
Anchorman 2: The Legend of Ron Burgundy; Trick 'r Treat

57. Alien Quadrilogy (DVD) - MrHealthy - $12

58. Huge Box of DVD's - JammaNationX - $20
All complete w/case and artwork (may add more)

59. Marth Amiibo - Lokkenjawnz - $25
Unopened in Box. Ships from UK. ... oto1-1.jpg

60. Hooh Figure - alienjesus - $5
Sealed. Picture shows unsealed version as sealed one is in black plastic.

61. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Ghaleon Punching Puppet - wclem - $25
Box is kinda destroyed, but it looks like it's never been opened. ... ing_01.jpg ... ing_02.jpg ... ing_03.jpg

62. Marvel Legends Iron Fist 6" sealed action figure - mjmjr25 - $10 ... ee5e9d.jpg

63. SNES-era Arcana Promo T-Shirt (Size L, unworn) - $30 ... 3d12f9.jpg

64. 1cc Shirt of the Month #1 - Sega Saturn - sevin0seven - $35
Size L, never opened, still in mailer

65. 1cc Shirt of the Month #7 - Naomi’s Dream - Namnuta - $35
Size L, never opened, still in mailer ... iginal.jpg ... iginal.jpg

66. Complete Run of the Racketboy Podcast (MP3s on DVD) - MrHealthy - $70
Dave will put together a nice little collector’s set for whoever wins this. $25-$50 bid: BASIC set that will look nice and get the job done/$50-$100bid: DELUXE set that will impress those who see it/ $100+ bid: DELUXE set that Dave will put my heart and soul into. For every $10 over $100, I will throw in a physical item that I associate with a favorite show (e.g. PAX swag, games, etc.).

67. noiseredux presents Book Of Rhymes - TEKTORO - $40
Anyone who frequents the hip hop thread is probably aware of the series of reviews I've been doing of my hip hop CD collection. I'm going to compile all of the ones I've done this year (about 75 as of this writing) into a limited edition book. This book will not be publicly available. It will contain every review I've written up to December 31st of this year. As a bonus, the book will also contain an intro essay and some other extras that weren't included with the original reviews.

More Other Stuff

68. Bluetooth Mini Keyboards Lot - jp1 - $15
For Smartphones or other bluetooth enabled devices. The one on the left has dual joystick nubs, and trigger buttons. The one on the right has a detachable case for a Samsung Galaxy S4 to make the keyboard slide out. Both are rechargable via USB cords. ... laxyS4.jpg

69. Xbox One download code for Assassin's Creed IV Stark - $10

70. Xbox One download code for Assassin's Creed Unity - Stark- $23



1. Bid generously - it's for charity and shipping is free inside the USA! When you make your bid, please try to include the item number - it makes updating much easier!

2. Bids start at prices listed and subsequent bids must be at least $1 higher (in even amounts).

3. What you bid is what you are willing to pay. That means, if someone has bid $1, and you bid $3, the new price is now $3 (not $1.01, $2, etc.)

4. These items are located around the world, so you shouldn't expect them to arrive all at once. Most items should be shipped by mid-late January. Remember, everything is done via communication behind the scenes - so it is not unusual to expect your items a month after auction close.

5. Any bids dated 12:00 AM EST on January 6th and later will not count - get them in early and often!

6. After the auction, You will be invoiced via PM for the total amount. Payments will be due by January 16th and items will ship between January 17th and the end of the month.

There are several payment options including PayPal, check, money order, and credit card. Payments will be made directly as a donation to the AbleGamers and you will need to submit proof of payment to me before I tell donors to ship your items. All payment MUST be received before items ship - no exceptions.
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by dsheinem Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:15 pm

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by jp1 Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:53 pm

20. $20
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by jp1 Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:03 pm

68. $15
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by alienjesus Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:09 pm

15. (Pier Solar) - $40

17. (Class of Heroes 2) - $20

60. (Ho-oh figure) - $5
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by BoneSnapDeez Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:10 pm

15. Pier Solar Reprint Edition - $45

18. World Heroes Lot (Neo Geo MVS) - $30
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by SpaceBooger Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:27 pm

24. Skylanders $20
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by mjmjr25 Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:52 pm

SpaceBooger wrote:24. Skylanders $20

24. $22


by mjmjr25 Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:53 pm

jp1 wrote:20. $20

20. $25
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by Ziggy587 Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:21 am

mjmjr25 wrote:
jp1 wrote:20. $20

20. $25

20. $50 ! :shock:

My Sale Thread - I am selling around three quarters of my video game collection as well as some other odds and ends!
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