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Re: The Wrestling Thread

by Segata Sat Nov 16, 2019 4:01 am

AEW is pretty great so far. It still has kinks to work out but overall pretty happy with it. Chris Jericho is esp fantastic. Damn he is funny and fully unleashed he is pure genius. I like the fully unhinged gimmick of Moxley. Not that there is a direct comparison but he feels like a dash of Brian Pillman and a Dash of Stone Cold and the rest is all Mox. MJF & Sammy are very much future stars. MJF is one of the best heels around. Same with Socrpio and Page. (Page has the best theme) Janela reminds me so much of a young Jericho in personality. Darby Allin is just athletic as hell. They have some really great talent.

Need to work on that Womens division better. Less false finishes.
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