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Frag Mortuus
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Re: Dragon Age: Inquisition

by Frag Mortuus Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:58 am

My PC has been out of commission for a few months now but I finally got it back together and immediately installed DA:I.

Let me tell you now that the PC version is absolutely gorgeous. I'm running it on all Ultra setting with Ambient Occlusion and AA all the way up and my FPS haven't dropped below 40 yet, even with tons of chaos on screen.

The amount of detail is impressive. The number of discernible textures on the character models is something that stands out to me. The skin, hair, metal, leather, rivets / spikes, clothe, etc are all distinguishable. A character will have a leather belt with metal spikes, and the leather will be dull, cracked, and weathered, while the spikes will be chipped, scratched and still reflective. Maybe it's not as impressive as I make it out to be, but I don't think I've ever seen textures handled so well before.

Also, with the graphics cranked up you can actually see birds, smoke, and waterfalls off in the distance with absolutely no pop in ever.

I'm running this with a decent setup but It's old by PC standards. So, I think someone like Dave and Noise with really nice GPUs will get even better FPS than I'm getting.
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Re: Dragon Age: Inquisition

by Xeogred Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:23 pm

Not to nitpick again but man, these menus are awful! The menu lag is bad too. It feels like a huge chore to simply equip things, compare, buy/sell, etc. Really disorganized stuff like Skyrim's menu system. It's just nothing but lists!

That's one thing I would love to see this gen accomplish. Good seamless 60 FPS menu systems. I wish I was being sarcastic.
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